Feel the Arctic

Vapor Couture CouponVapor Couture can provide a variety of flavors and styles to meet anyone’s needs. One such product that they carry is their Arctic Mint flavored disposable electronic cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are 88.9 mm long and are thin which makes them small enough to fit in your hand. They won’t clutter up your purse or pockets like a traditional lighter and pack of cigarettes would.

Vapor Couture pride themselves in creating products that are both fashionable and convenient. The Arctic Mint disposable cigarette comes in cool platinum with a beautiful pink crystal tip. There is an LED light beneath the crystal tip that glows when in use and will also let you know when it is empty by flashing or when it no longer lights up when someone takes a drag.

Due to the fact that they would like their product to be convenient for use their electronic cigarettes are able to be used straight out of the packaging. No need to charge or fill it with juice like other electronic cigarettes. Just open the package, remove the “pull tab”, and inhale as you would do with a traditional cigarette.
When the cigarette no longer produces vapor just dispose of the electronic cigarette and order a new one!

Electronic cigarettes are less of a hassle than traditional cigarettes. No need to worry about cigarette buts, dealing with tobacco smell on your hands, or have to deal with a whiff of cigarette every time you open your purse. Smoke from a regular cigarette smells very unpleasant and clings to anything it can where as vapor evaporates almost immediately after you exhale. This is beneficial for both smokers and non smokers because no one has to deal with the smell clinging to hair and clothes long after the cigarette is extinguished.

Another benefit to using electronic cigarettes, such as the Arctic Mint flavored disposable, is the reduced fire hazard that they offer. Traditional cigarettes need to be lit. If you were to accidentally drop a cigarette it could burn your floor or even start a fire where as an electronic cigarette does not require an open flame and would be harmless to accidentally drop every once in a while.

You can get a great discount on Vapor Couture products right now! Just us this Vapor Couture coupon and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a smooth Arctic Mint disposable.